we met some years back
and our friendship we marked
we boarded the ship
our very own friendSHIP.

we talked
and hugged

you became my shadow
everywhere i go;
i laid bare my soul
for only you to know.

we shared gossips and secrets
like two friends sharing sweets,
how i laugh now at my stupid self
trusting you like a new born calf.

then you turned and stabbed
all my secrets you blabbed;
not just in my back
but straight to my heart.

i didn’t even see my heart bleed
till you stuck the knife in deep;
then i heard myself fall
and hit the wall.

in that moment…..
i knew the ship had sunk
our friendship,
our very own friendSHIP had sunk.

and we were no where close to shore.



Last month October, 15th to be precise I clocked 20, birthdays are supposed to be fun filled with laughter right? Well mine was a whole different story more like a disaster. You see I lost my phone 3 days before……actually it was stolen during an exam. So I had already started to mourn my phone before my birthday. To cut the story short, I didn’t get any of expected and long anticipated birthday wishes, phone calls, and text messages. All the plans made were shattered because there was no way to contact me – the celebrant. So as the very annoying day went ahead which unfortunately happened to fall on a Saturday without the distraction of phone calls and all, I was left alone with myself which led to reflection on myself as a person. I was trying to see myself as other people would. My mind wandered farther I found myself thinking of any accomplishment I might have made and I realized that a thousand times I had made plans to go ahead with some kind of project even went as far as getting the materials needed for such project then at the “key” moment I would back down.

Some would say 20 is too young for a person to start thinking of such, but as absurd as it sounds the age 20 is probably the last stage where a person can think of himself or herself without other distractions like money , work etcetera. So I am simply saying that it’s like a last chance to look back before you leap into the adult world. So there I was thinking about my life and I decided to do something about my life before it ran way , before I lost control of it , before it was no longer mine alone, before anything I did would not just affect me alone but those in my life as well . The birthday passed of course, it was a big relief but my thoughts stayed with me. The next few days I got really scared that I had wasted a lot of time as I had always had this dream of being a successful person so I thought I had no way of achieving that anymore when time had slipped past me. I’m not a star student or a club president or anything of that category so I thought I had no foundation to start from even if I wanted to be serious. But here I am the 1st of December exactly 12:00 am, eyes wide open. pounding on my laptop and I have decided to raise my head and figure a way out knowing I would meet with resistance from people, even though I know I might break shed some tears or a lot of tears whatever the case may be but I know giving up isn’t an option .My life is an exam and I’ve got just two options A} succeed B} SUCCEED